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We're one of the biggest employers in the south west and proud to have a team of 5,200 highly skilled, kind and compassionate staff. 

We're a high performing, ambitious and progressive Foundation Trust, committed to providing safe, effective and high quality healthcare to around 1.4 million people a year.

The Great Western Hospital in Swindon is our best known hospital, but we also provide community healthcare services and healthcare in people's homes across Swindon.

There's no doubt it's a challenging time for the NHS, but it's also an exciting time to join us because we're changing how we do things to meet the demands of an ageing and growing population. 

There is a diverse range of opportunities both in hospital and in the community, open to anyone who is as passionate about healthcare as we are. 

Whichever area you join, you will become part of a talented and passionate team, committed to providing the very best care to patients.

Please take the time to the information in these pages to begin to get a feel for why we think we're so special.

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